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What I have noticed about this event is that there is an appetite for people to really work together and to collaborate more. The fact that BE @ Penang has actually happened, I think really does show that there is a demand for people to come together and work together to raise the profile for everybody. The experience has been excellent, and all the feedback I have had from those who have attended have been really positive. The sessions have been really well-attended. 

- Roy Sheppard (Specialist Conference Facilitator)

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I think [BE @ Penang] is a fantastic conference, [it brings] in so many aspects of the industry together in Penang. I learnt a lot about ecotourism and [of Penang's potential]. The potential is huge for Penang and i think we as airlines should participate in this potential and make it happen.

You brought together a lot of professionals here in Penang which i think is great, and the location is fantastic. You chose the right topics like how can the industry move forward and how can we bring more Business Events into Penang, and how can we promote Penang and the facilities in the best possible way. 

- Arved Von Zur Muehlen, Chief Commercial Officer (Malaysia Airlines Berhad) 

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As a Director of Sales and a leader in my hotel, [BE @ Penang] is not only for myself, but I feel more satisfied when my team attends this Business Events conference. This is because it is very important for the experience to be shared within the team, so we can get the objective right. The best feeling as a leader is when we have a small meeting together, my team members inform me that they have learnt new ways of approaching the industry through this conference. 

- Rina Mariani, Director of Sales & Marketing (Hotel Equatorial Penang)

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[BE @ Penang] has been a nice reintroduction to Penang and what is [currently] going on [in the destination]. I enjoyed that very much. There was a session that was focusing on the juggling act that has to be undertaken to ensure that a local community is best served by the tourism rather than the entertainers. The discussion point was all about how do you manage a transition from a leisure destination (postcard) to a business events destination (business card). That is a difficult juggling act but it is one which this destination has to be doing.

- Martin Lewis, Managing Editor (CAT Publications) 

BE @ Penang 2017 brought up very good topics, especially one from Mr. Martin regarding the European market and Mr Roy Sheppard, the keynote speaker. The conference also introduced new topics to the delegates where we learnt more on tapping into the conference and meetings sector. The sharing sessions were very interactive, especially the questions and answers given by the participants. I like how there is a two-way communication involved. Besides that, I have gained valuable insight from the Business Events Industry in different countries like The Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan.

- P. Nagaswaran, previously Director of Business Development (Sunway Hotel Seberang Jaya), currently Sales Director at The TOP Penang